One on One Sessions

I have a Clinic in Merewether Wellness Centres where I offer one on one sessions of energy healing, meditation, hypnotherapy and holistic counselling.

If needed I also do house calls and can do these in other regions while I am on the road.

All sessions are also available via Skype to anywhere in the world. My Skype name is: mrlancebaker

Energy Healing

The human body and our emotions are effected by our energy body. Energy healing can reduce stress, ease pain and calm emotions.

I am skilled with Reiki, Pranic healing, Mesmersim, Aura, Chakra and meridian healing and Access Bars.


Many of our problems are not conscious but actually Subconscious problems. Anytime you want a change but cant get it, Hypnotherapy can help with this. 

I am a specialist in releasing trauma and reducing anxiety, but also do lots of work with weightloss, smoking, performance enhancement and more.


Sometimes just talking about whats going on in your life to someone who really listens can make a huge impact in your life.

I take a holistic approach to Counselling and teach clients various techniques they can go home and work with.