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EP001 Akasha Talks Debut episode

Lance introduces himself, talks about his life and the aim of the show

Release Date August 04, 2019 Welcome to the debut episode!

Lance Baker talks about his life, what got him to this place and the things he hopes to share with this podcast. I talk about my journey with a migraine for 9 1/2 years, learning reiki and hypnosis and ways I have used those in my life to free myself from pain, gain emotional relief, become a better person and overcome ARFID/SED. I also share details about the first 10 episodes and some of the guests. Read more, watch the video and get show notes…

EP002 Ines Simpson - Hypnosis, Simpson protocol and meditation

Release Date August 05, 2019

Ines Simpson shares about her life and her work. How she found hypnosis, an early meditation practice and now a self meditation practice, and all about the Simpson Protocol. Read more, watch the video and get show notes…

EP003 Jason Wallace - Float tanks and meditation

Release Date August 07, 2019

Jason Wallace talks with Lance about floatation tanks and his experiences as a meditator in the tanks, as a float tank centre operator and a float tank installation specialist. Read more, watch the video and get show notes…

EP004 Bob Burns - the swan, spiritual healing, and more

Release Date August 09, 2019

Bob Burns talks with Lance about the swan and its voice, They also chat about spiritual healing, mediums, and all the other interesting stuff in the spiritual movement of 1970s UK. Bob talks about pain work and 'The Gathering' event in Newcastle (UK) on Saturday 28th September 2019.
He then gives away his battleship protocol, which is also a chapter in his new upcoming book. Sharing a story about the first time he ever did hypnosis or did he?. Read more, watch the video and get show notes…

EP005 Justin Tranz - Success leaves clues

Release Date August 12, 2019

The dynamically different Justin Tranz joins me to talks about his 56 years with hypnosis. All the way from reading his first hypnosis book to try and control his parents, owning magic stores, doing clinical work, and his impressive stint of over a decade on the Vegas strip, thought to his work in sports and on the playboy channel. Success leaves clues so it's certainly an interesting chat! Read more, watch the video and get show notes…

EP006 Cameron Oates - Goal setting, meditation and men’s mental health

August 18, 2019 U Alright Mate day

Lance Baker

Cameron Oates joins me to talk about goal setting, meditation, men's mental health and the U alright mate movement.

Read more, watch the video and get show notes…

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