About Reiki

Tanran Reiki is a gentle form of energy healing.  This is where a Reiki Practitioner either lays hands on a person or just off their body and channels Universal Loving Energy through their hands to the person.  In the Tanran Reiki worldview, the Universal is permeated by an omnipresent unconditionally loving energy that wishes us to be healthy, happy, sane, prosperous, surrounded by loving supportive relationships, and surrounded by people who serve each other in love.  This Universal Loving Energy is nonviolent and does not force its wish upon anyone.  Therefore it is up to us to open up and allow ourselves to be healed.  Because this energy is infinite, a Reiki healer is never drained by giving this energy to others.  It flows into a Reiki Healer and through him or her to the receiver.  People vary in their sensitivity to this energy flow.  Some do not feel much but start to relax and feel peaceful.  Others feel a tingling sensation and warm currents.  Others may even see visions or have lucid dreams afterwards.  Sometimes, when a deep emotional issue is being processed through, the energy may lift preexisting conflicts and tensions up to consciousness where they can be looked at and healed.

Tanran Reiki differs from some energy healing traditions that teach people to generate and send healing energy.  Although the results gained from people who generate and send energy may be good, this kind of energy is not always guided and regulated by the wisdom of the Universal Loving Energy and can be limited in its results or be more overwhelming to experience.  The wisdom of the Universal Loving Energy regulates the process so that what arises is never too much healing to handle.  I say, "differs from some energy healing traditions," for a reason, because I do believe that there are other similar healing traditions that are like Tanran Reiki that also channel the Universal Loving Energy through them.  If the intention is to channel a loving power greater than oneself, then it will have the same flavor.

Tanran Reiki is an offshoot of Traditional Reiki and is one of the traditions that has received new symbols in dream-time.  Because of this, Tanran Reiki can set up a correspondence of the symbols with the chakra system, the energy vortices within our subtle energy bodies.  Traditional Reiki was not able to do this, because there were too few symbols to make such a correspondence.  With the new symbols and the attunements that anchor them into the chakras, the power level is a little stronger.  The Universal Loving Energy can flood through more channels and effect healing on more levels simultaneously.  The symbols are specific activations of specific healing processes designed to transmute unwholesome energy into healthy energy.  For instance, Sei He Ki is designed to heal inner child wounds, mainly by giving energetically certain things that we did not get as fully as we needed in childhood, like validation, loving attention, nurturing, approval, connection, bonding, and permission to be oneself.  Most of us have some deficiency in this area and can benefit from this kind of focused session.

During a Reiki session, the person receiving the treatment lies down on a healing table.  Sometimes a ritual of permission is done and sometimes the person just chooses to be receptive and then just relaxes and enjoys the healing process.  The Reiki practitioner places hands at, or above various locations on the body and channels energy to different locations.  Sometimes the practitioner will move from place to place every few minutes and other times will hold focus on one place for a very long time.  Generally a place is held until all the energy movements that want to happen there feel complete.  The Reiki practitioner goes to where he or she is guided.  It is possible that one session may be done from one location completely.

It is also possible to do "non-touch Reiki" where the Reiki practitioner will move hands above the receiver and work with the more subtle fields.  This can be very powerful, and is my specialty.

It is part of Reiki ethics not to promise any specific healing result.  Some studies have shown Reiki to be beneficial in the treatment of almost any illness.  It seems to be an ideal supportive modality for any serious healing process.  One study showed that it seemed to accelerate post operation recovery by as much as 75 percent and up to 90 percent if Reiki is done during surgery (it can be done remotely so as not to interfere with the operation).  Reiki seems to boost the ability of the body to heal itself.  Reiki also seems to heal sometimes very serious illnesses, but much depends on how much healing a person is able to receive at any given time.  Reiki seems to do best in fully healing someone if it can reach the underlying emotional issue and help the receiver to release it.  Reiki seems to consistently have people feel more peaceful, inwardly stronger, and calmer afterwards.  Reiki is also a good support for kundalini yoga, chi kung, and other energy meditations.  In general, energy healing is synergistic with energy meditations.  Each one helps the other to work more strongly and easily.