Hypnotherapy Sessions

Many of our problems are not conscious but actually Subconscious problems. Anytime you want a change but cant get it, Hypnotherapy can help with this. 

I am a specialist in releasing trauma, particularly from abuse and reducing anxiety, but also do lots of work with weight-loss, smoking, performance enhancement and more.

For issues that you have had for a long time or are very habitual it takes a few sessions to make a lasting effect, there is no such thing as a one session fix. I recommend 5 sessions lock in the change. I usually try to book these 3-7 days apart for the first 3, the fourth at 3 months and the last to save for when you're really feeling weak. This way you make the change, and it sticks!

I work with many types of hypnosis and can tailor the sessions to your needs. I work with the 'traditional' talk and trance based hypnosis that most people know of, but I also work with the true traditional hypnosis, mesmerism, which is the energetic side where it all started. I have methods of working with the subconscious for things you are not comfortable sharing or don't even know yourself, via private subconscious healing, so that you can stick to your comfort zone.

I am also Selective Eating Disorder  (SED) or 'Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder  (ARFID) Specialist. I am one of two people in Australia that come recommended by Felix Economakis using his own protocol for this. Having suffered from this my whole life before meeting Felix and being treated by him myself, I truly understand the complexities this disorder.

I have another process I often use called 'The Swan'. The Swan is an amazing protocol that can be done anywhere and doesn't involve a trance, you are fully awake and aware of everything, it's not quite hypnosis, but it has massive power to create change within the subconscious!


Award winning treatment and service 

Recently rated as one of the Three best Hypnotherapists in Newcastle!


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Programs include:

Disconnect from trauma

Anxiety relief

Weight loss

Smoking cessation 

Performance enhancement

Releasing Phobias

Freedom from addiction

Chronic Pain