EP009 Oscar De Sousa - Empaths, chakras, human energy field and spirit

September 09, 2019

Oscar De Sousa Talks with Lance about empaths and a therapist course he has developed to help them with this, chakras, human energy field, and spirit.

For well over 20 years Oscar has served as a medium, psychic, spiritual healer and spiritual coach.

Born with his profound ability at channeling insights from many benevolent and high vibrational guides Oscar dedicated his life long ago to help people connect with their inner being and true purpose.

While he may be a very hard man to get a hold of, being booked out with over a year waiting list, he also travels Australia sharing wisdom and light with his knowledge and channeling profound insights that totally revolutionise the way people see life on Earth.

He helps people heal their emotions, their soul and change their life. He truly empowers people, helping them connect to their potential and spiritual abilities. Oscar is highly regarded for his wisdom on what and how chakras work, the structure of the human energy field, he defines the world of polarity and duality as well as how to attain the ability of the neutral zone.

His public presence and radiant energy are highly contagious and uplifting. His sincere and comical inner child soothes people's fears and sorrows by guiding them into seeing the greater picture of their journey on this Earth.

Oscar is able to simplify the mystery mankind has always debated over on how and why we live a human life, and the purpose and reason behind it. He lifts the veil from what is the mind and the greater intellect of the soul. He explains how and why the soul sits within the body and the purpose of life and death. He also guides people in being able to discover their spiritual existence while enjoying human life.

In his journey Oscar has been made available at various places, in Sydney at The Oracle Inquiry and Energy Current, then he arrived at the central coast of NSW and was available at the Gnostic Forest in Woy Woy, Love & Serendipity in Gosford, Emazon Central, D’Vine Health & Healing, Mystic Earth Shop, Spirit Energy Centre and now nationally through Spirit Insight, who manage his events, monthly subscription, tours, workshops, retreats and DVD’s.

You can find Oscar on facebook here:

SpiritInsite website:

The Empath therapist course will be available online soon, and I will update this with a link then.

Thanks for listening