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Emotional Intelligence with Beryl Comar

  • Branches of Healing 224 union Street Merewether Australia (map)

Emotional Intelligence
By Beryl Comar (NFNLP Trainer)

Become Certified to train Emotional Intelligence in organizations.
Understand the Emotional Intelligence Revolution in business and learn how to present world class EQ presentations and assessments to corporations.
Learn how to take the skills you already have as a hypnotist to this HOT new expanding field of EQ, and a wider, wealthier audience who want to understand and improve their competitive edge.
A two day practical workshop that gives you the vocabulary, tools and vision for accelerating change in three levels: organizational, relationship, and individual. Get in now before someone else pips you to the post.

For leadership positions emotional intelligence competencies account for up to 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average. – Daniel Goleman “Working with Emotional Intelligence” 1998.

Executives and Businesses can afford to pay for the best in this rapidly expanding field. Much has been written about EQ yet little is readily available to coaches and managers so, who better to present EQ than those used to speaking to the emotional mind – the NGH hypnotist.

Find out how to market, present and assess EQ courses before those less qualified than you gain the momentum.

Benefits include:

Presented for the first time to hypnotists, this practical workshop offers you the opportunity to model an international expert in EQ so you too become HOT in this new field – before someone else less able pips you to the post.

By the end of this seminar you will:

1. Examine and understand this hot new field
2. Be more informed about the components of EQ vs IQ
3. Have a framework for understanding and explaining EQ
4. Take a confidential EQ test
5. Discover your EQ abilities
6. Begin to develop your EQ capabilities
7. Understand how EQ, NLP and Hypnosis are linked
8. Learn the successful EQ abilities of different professions and jobs
9. Understand how EQ is essential in business
10. Learn to speak to corporations in terms they understand
11. Learn powerful coaching tools
12. Develop leadership qualities in your clients
13. Keep your executive hypnosis clients longer
14. Reflect on the changing nature of organizations
15. Have a role as a change agent in a larger field than the individual, and for longer

You will be able to:

16. inspire, inform and encourage those in business to consider the role of emotions
17. introduce EQ and EI by defining what it is and explaining why it is important
18. help hypnosis clients with their client relationship
19. persuade training managers how you can help them
20. charge $2–4,000 per day plus expenses
21. travel the world as an obvious expert in Emotional Intelligence
22. question an expert about many aspects of the EQ research

Gain incredible access to:

23. Business – where EQ training has grown phenomenally
24. Hospitals - where EQ training is rapidly growing – and play a role in the EQ development of hospital administration.
25. Education – where EQ is increasingly being added to the school curriculum

Seminar Agenda


History and Introduction IQ vs EQ and EI
Activity: Complete an EQ Appraisal
What research has shown
The Business Case for EQ
How the EQ Brain works
Where Hypnosis and NLP fit in
Activity: List the Emotions
Plutchik’s Emotion Wheel
Group Activity: Reflections
Emotions at Work: 4 Aspects
i. Self Awareness
ii. Self Management
iii. Social Awareness
iv. Relationship Management
Group Activity: Reflections

* Homework will be set for group presentation day 2


Review of Day One
EQ Appraisal: Goal Scoring
Activity: Setting my EQ goals
How to market to companies
Who to approach
How to approach decision makers
How to make a proposal
Charges, Costs and Fees
Activity: Designing a course
Activity: Designing EQ activities
Group Presentations
EQ Assessments: Payments and Types
EQ Assessments : How and When to use them
Where to get further training and certification
Booklist and References
Who should attend

Hypnotists who want to expand their business into the realms of business coaching and training of “soft skills” and EQ.
Hyono Coaches and Life Coaches who want to further develop their skills
Anyone interested in expanding their information on EQ and the work of Salovey & Meyer, and Dan Goleman.
All who have heard of Emotional Intelligence and EQ but are not sure what it is or how hypnotherapy can relate.
People who realize that being an effective person is about inside-out development and want a 2 day guide to this popular concept and some practical tools which they can use.

It was Aristotle who spoke about a rare ability to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way. How prophetic those words, and how much I have benefited from your workshop on EQ – thanks, Sara El Habashi, London Clinic.

As a trainer for 10 years and training manager for 10 years, and even when I thought it couldn’t get any better after your terrific NLP course, I can honestly say this is the most enlightening experience – ever. Thanks from my team too, we understand where we can improve our EQ. – Lisa Steel, Training & Quality Manager, Dept Tourism and Marketing, Dubai.

My manager looked shell shocked. I feel he now starts to understand what has been going wrong and how we can help him improve his EQ – Anonymous feedback in a company training.

Now I really understand the four areas of EQ, and my assessment shows where I can improve – well, I now what to do and will set my EQ goals. But where will I find a coach like you Beryl? – Shuen Lim, Tesco Malaysia