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The Simpson Protocol 2 day Seminar Sydney

  • Sydney Nsw Australia (map)


A special training event for Australian Ines Simpson is coming out from Canada to train her fantastic Simpson Protocol.

Here are some specific benefits of this class:

Learn how to prepare clients to achieve deeper levels of hypnosis.

Learn how to take clients to the Esdaile level and test to ascertain they are there.

Learn how to communicate interactively with the Superconscious and subconscious minds in the Esdaile State and beyond, in order to achieve profound breakthroughs for any trauma, phobia, fear or physical, mental, spiritual imbalance.

Learn to let the Client’s “superconscious Mind” lead the session to achieve profound outcomes.

Demonstrate how to apply “Change Work” to clients.

The Second day will be devoted primarily to practising and refining the Protocol and to the advanced questions to be used within the Protocol.

This two-day seminar is intended to help Hypnotists learn how to attain and interact with the subconscious and Superconscious minds while in the Esdaile level (Hypnotic Coma) and beyond, and be able to use The Simpson Protocol the very next day in their own practice.

More details about the Simpson protocol and a bunch of videos and an Ebook can be found at:

Early bird $450 for the first 5 before July 31st
Normal tickets $595

Tickets at: