Hypnosis Classes

The five-day Certificate of Hypnotism training is conducted by Lance Baker. It practically orientated and teaches students how to induce and use Rapid Inductions, Mesmerism, and Hypnotic Fascination in a therapeutic context.

The training is suitable for people who want to begin a new career as a clinical hypnotherapist, or NLP practitioners and hypnotherapists who want to learn more about the practical aspects of inducing deep hypnotic states, Life Coaches, Psychologists, Healers, Dentists, Medical Doctors or any responsible adult who wants to learn about self improvement.

For more information contact Lance Baker on 0457583388



Certificate - July - December 2019

International Trainers:

Jason Linett (US)

Hypnotic results that stick in Brisbane 16/09/2019

Larry and Cheryl Elman (US)

Best Practices of Dave Elman 22+23/2/2020

 Rob De Groof (Belgium)

Geoffrey Stephens protocol - 21/22 March 2020

Out of the Blue Hypnosis - 28/29 March 2020