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Anxiety relief workshop: conscious and unconscious aids

  • Fitness Junction 224 Union Street Merewether, NSW, 2291 Australia (map)

This series of workshops is dedicated to giving you the best edge against Anxiety. Rebekah from Nutter by Nature will be delivering conscious information to you of handy things you can do with nutritional options, and Lance from Branches of Healing will do some group hypnosis to ease the unconscious mind and give you a few mental tools you can use to help.

The most common phrase Lance hears from his clients that have come looking for anxiety relief is "I know this sounds stupid, but..." Consciously most people with anxiety know their mind has made it a WAY bigger problem than it is. This shows it's not a conscious problem, it's an unconscious one. Lucky for you, Lance knows how to talk to that part, to get it to be a little easier one you. wouldn't that be a relief? 

Come and discover the link between food and mood. Gut and Brain.
Could your food be making you feel anxious? 
Are your gut bugs making you feel miserable?

Come and join us for a workshop where we discuss:
The relationship between what we eat and how we feel
Nutritional deficiencies and how they can affect how we feel
The gut isn’t just about food! The role of the gut in emotional health.
Practical nutritional and movement that you can do from home.
Bek is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist and Personal Trainer with a passion for bringing back simplicity and healing the body with the food and medicine that nature has given us.

So come join Lance and Rebekah for a full toolkit to bring some change and peace to your mind :)

Come to all 3 events for $150 or just one for $65

if you have any questions please feel free to call Lance Baker on 0457583388