The Seven Primary Chakras Ebook

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The Seven Primary Chakras Ebook

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This book is intended to be an introduction to the chakra system, particularly the seven primary chakras. There are more than these, however these are just the main energy points of our body to get you started.

These seven primary chakras run along a central vertical line of our body. The middle five also have a front to rear axis; I will delve deeper into those in a later book.

A chakra is a constant spinning vortex of light. It has a dual spiral, where it spins energy in (clockwise) and out (anti-clockwise) of our bodies. These seven primary chakras are the main ways our body absorbs and processes Akasha (Chi life force). It then  distributes this life force energy to each of our relating organs and cells within our body.

When these get out of balance they can manifest as different physical illnesses or emotional/psychological difficulties.

This can be used as a rough guide to see if anything mirrors a concern in your life. The best thing to do with an energetic imbalance in your body, is change the way you live. Most imbalances come from you either consciously or unconsciously burying something inside or blocking yourself from something you need in your life. Sometimes these things can be obvious, often however it's hard to see yourself. Perhaps you can see, but making that change is too hard.

If you need outside help with any of these concerns I suggest you see an intuitive energy healer to rebalance your chakra system or hypnotherapist to help you work with your subconscious to make the changes you need to get your life where you need to be. Better
yet, get yourself to a workshop and learn these skills yourself!

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