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Branches Of Healing is here to help heal on multiple levels; mind, body and spirit, one individual. To help heal the sick and injured. To calm the stressed, depressed and anxious. To eliminate unwanted habits and to help redirect people back to their rightful, fun loving, successful life paths. All this is achieved through healing modalities such as Reiki, Hypnosis and Meditation.

Chakra Balancing FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How does chakra balancing work?

Chakra balancing can be done through Energy healing. The chakras run from the top of the head (crown area) down to the base of your spine. However, in energy work, we start from the bottom of your spine. The energy runs up through each of the chakras along the spine like a tunnel.

There are seven main chakras and twenty one minor chakras (usually my primary focus is on the seven main chakras.) Each chakra is like a Spinning Disk of Energy. When our Energy is out of balance one or more of the Chakras are spinning too slow or too fast. Sometimes a chakra will even stop spinning, which means you most likely have an energy blockage.

During a chakra balancing Session, I assesses the flow of energy and removes blockages, as well as even out the flow with all the chakras. If your chakras are balanced, in most cases you feel balanced and lighter. Thus, you feel darn good.

What is involved in a Chakra balancing session?

I will run my hand a few inches from the body and in your energy field or aura from your hip to the top of your head to detect moving energy and slow moving energy spots. This will help me to understand your body’s energy flow. Sometimes I work only in the aura, others I will touch the chakra areas to speed up, slow down, remove blockages and balance each chakra usually starting at the lower chakra and work their way up to your crown.

I will work directly on the body, starting at your right hip for your first charka, then underneath belly button for the second Chakra, than moving to underneath your rib cage for the third chakra, than to the heart for fourth chakra, than to the throat for fifth chakra, than to the third eye for 6th chakra than to the crown chakra for the seventh chakra. Most of the time by learning where the client does not feel well will also tell the me which chakra(s) are blocked.

I can feel and sense the flow of energy and redirect it so that the energy flows evenly throughout the body (similar to directing traffic.)

What is the focus of a chakra balancing session?

A chakra balancing session is about balancing the energy flow of each of the chakras after assessing where the energy is blocked or excessive. I am trained in the art of reading, touching and healing chakra energy, which is sometimes called Life Force Energy, Ki, Chi, Mana, Orgone or Prana.

Who can benefit from chakra balancing sessions?

Everyone from infants to adults can benefit from energy medicine or Reiki treatments. You do not have to have an illness to have Energy healing treatments. Clients who want to alleviate stress can benefit from energy healing sessions.

What can I expect at a first Chakra balancing session?

I will go over the the basics with you and discuss how a session will be tailored to fit their needs. Clients are encouraged to ask questions. The sessions are normally 60 minutes in length, but with a first session they generally go longer as we will both have questions for each other.

What do I need to do to prepare for a healing session?

It's recommended to drink water before hand and preferred be in an open positive mood.

What types of symptoms can Chakra balance help with?

There really aren’t any limits to what Chakra Balancing can do for a person. As a rule, when your Chakras are in balance, you feel good and experience better physical and emotional health.

Will every session be only a Chakra balancing healing?

Depending on your health needs we may combine it with Reiki, Bars or Hypnosis if you wanted.

What will I feel during an Chakra balancing session?

Many people find Energy healing sessions, for the most part, very relaxing. People usually feel lighter and any dense energy is lifted.

How will I feel after an Energy healing session?

Directly after a session, clients may feel very rested and in a relaxed state of mind. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that she or he is fully alert before proceeding to drive a car.

After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very definite way. Most people noticed that they have more energy and have a sense of well being. Please note how your body responds to treatments and inform the Energy Medicine Practitioner so that sessions will be customized to your specific needs. It is suggested that clients drink approximately 3-6 glasses of clear water a day to flush toxins following a session.

What do I need to do after a healing session?

Listen to your body! If it wants to rest, then rest. You may also be energized from your session. Many clients have benefit from drinking plenty of water to move toxins.

How many Chakra balancing sessions will I need before I see results?

Clients may see results after one or two sessions. For maximum results, it is suggested that clients have 4-8, meet once a week for four consecutive weeks and following sessions are spaced out. Each time we meet we will evaluate, assessment and continuous customize a healing to fit your needs.

Is there anything I can do at home to help balance my chakras?

Try a chakra balancing meditation. Live a conscious life style. Find ways to de-stress. If there is a constant problem with one Chakra I will give 'homework' exercises to do to correct this.

Should I commit to a maintenance plan?

Like all good things we need to continue with good practices, just like exercising, brushing your teeth, and watching your diet. By maintaining with a maintenance plan most clients notice a feeling of balance, sleep better, feel less stressed, and a lot more.

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